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"Our desire for our future determines what our past would have been." m. laluna 1999

The idea that "our desire for our future determines what our past would have been" came after observing numerous students in high school during my practicum for my undergrad degree.  I surmised that the big difference between those who would graduate from high school with honors and a positive goal for their lives and those who were struggling was this: Those who figured out early in life how they act (respond to the system) and invest their time were the ones who succeeded at a faster rate. There was little difference in ability, merely direction. 

So it has become my life's work to embed that code in the brains of the people I encounter. Much like a software developer knows, or the way in which this computer will know what the user wants, the right code is necessary. Without it, there is nothing more than a collection of symbols scattered on a page. What code is necessary to make an operating system work is dependent upon the machine, the intended outcome, and the user. No matter how instinctive the developer is, special tools, script and code is necessary so that all users have a balanced understanding of the purpose. Education is exactly that, it is bringing together all necessary systems to make the outcome match the intended outcome. 

I am looking forward to digging deep, finding the tools, writing the necessary code and becoming a change agent in education. My years studying problem based learning has prepared me to become that change agent. Systems need to be understood and then changed in order to allow for people to change within the system. While many organizations attempt to change people, they forget that people respond to systems. People are reactors by nature. Change the environment and system and people will change with it.

Mary E. LaLuna

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